The Zurich Project Workshop 2017 — SOLD OUT!

Building a great investment firm is a long road. Accelerate here.
Zurich, Switzerland, June 6-8, 2017


The Challenge: “How do I build a great investment firm?”

Greatness may seem like a lofty goal when the immediate objective is simply to figure out how to ensure the sustainability of your investment business. However, the goal of building an exceptional firm should never yield to the demands of the moment. Staying true to your highest ideals and doing what is necessary to ensure business success should not be mutually exclusive.

The Zurich Project Workshop draws on John Mihaljevic’s years of experience interacting with superinvestors, aspiring superinvestors, capital allocators, and service providers. Through content modules, interactive exercises, and focused discussion, you will not only learn about what it takes to grow your investment firm. You will also develop a concrete action plan to take you toward your specific goal.

The Zurich Project Workshop will include guest presentations and interactive sessions with fellow participants and experts who can help you along your journey — capital allocators and those who have done it before. You’ll walk away not just with insights and to-dos, but also with relationships upon which you will draw for many years to come.

The Program: Learn from Your Peers, Share Best Practices

The mission of the Zurich Project workshop is to accelerate emerging managers on their path to business success in a principled, sustainable way. The goal is to help each participant build a great investment business, one that will deliver significant value to the manager and his or her clients over the long term.

In this second annual installment, we will accentuate the best of last year’s event and make numerous improvements that reflect participant feedback. We look forward to a great event!

John Mihaljevic, managing editor of The Manual of Ideas and managing director of ValueConferences, will lead the three-day workshop. The Zurich Project is a limited-attendance, interactive forum for sharing best practices and outlining tangible action steps in the areas of investment management, operations, and marketing.

The workshop will include guest appearances by highly successful fund managers and capital allocators, providing participants with an opportunity to learn directly from some of the best minds in the investment business.

Day One:
The Year in Review and Interactive Sessions Featuring Lessons Learned

Days Two and Three:
Interactive Sessions, Best Practices, and Personalized Action Plan Development

Personal Qualities

We dig into the attitudes and habits required for long-term success in investing and business. We also delve into the importance of understanding your own temperament, strengths, and weaknesses.

Investment Process

We share insights into setting up the right investment process — an approach that is repeatable and improves over time — gleaned from numerous exclusive interviews with highly regarded fund managers.


We delve into the unpopular but important topic of putting in place the right foundation for scaling your firm and minimizing key risks. We focus on best-in-class practices, achieved within a sustainable cost structure.


We share exclusive insights into building long-term relationships with the right people, including like-minded investors who can boost your idea flow as well as potential clients, capital providers, and influencers.


We tackle the tricky tradeoff between marketing and investment activities. We show you how to focus on “thought leadership” rather than “marketing”, thereby building the right brand with the right audience.

“The Secret Sauce”

We reveal the things superinvestors do that others ignore to their detriment — certain types of activities that, if sustained over time, tilt the universe ever so slightly in your favor, boosting your chance of massive long-term success.

Get a feel for the range of topics covered:

Selected Talks and Discussions at Last Year’s Workshop

Jeremy Deal: Coming to Europe from America: Determining the Right Fund Legal Structure, Domicile, and Distribution Options

Thomas Karlovits: Insights and Lessons Learned from a Seven-Year Process of Setting Up an Investment Fund

Mark Hammonds: The Importance and the Process of Finding the Right Clients

Glenn Surowiec: On Relationship Management

Thomas Fliegner: Manager Selection Criteria of Skënderbeg Alternative Investments

Joel Cohen and Nate Chesley: The Farnam Street Dream Is Alive and Well

Jeffrey Hamm: Perspectives of a Capital Allocator: How Emerging Managers Can Make Themselves Ready for and Appealing to the Right Sources of Capital

Daniel Abrahams: Lessons from Personal Experience of Two Very Different Firm Launches

Jake Rosser: Lessons From Eight Years of Running a Partnership

Justin Foeppel: Value Investing and Life: An Intensely Personal Journey

Mark Walker: Introversion vs. Extroversion, Collaboration vs. Independence

Robert Leitz: Lessons in Psychology, Liquidity, and Activism

Brad GillespieBack Office Issues, Mistakes, Mayhem, and Best Practices

Brian Hertzog: Compounding Influence: Leveraging New Media to Build Your Thought Leadership

Guy Spier: Lessons Learned While Building Aquamarine Capital

Shai Dardashti: Ten Years on the Front Lines: A Retrospective

John Mihaljevic: Lessons Learned from Hundreds of Fund Manager Interviews, Idea Presentations, and Interactions with Capital Providers

Impressions From The Zurich Project Workshop

  • uto-kulm-view-of-lake

    All-Inclusive Event Venue

    Your registration includes a three-night stay and meals at UTO KULM, the beautiful venue overlooking Zurich.

  • uto-kulm-top-view

    UTO KULM: A Special Place

    The event hotel is situated atop Uetliberg, the highest mountain overlooking the city of Zurich.

  • uto-kulm-frontal-view

    Exclusive Facilities

    The Zurich Project has booked the full 55-room capacity of the hotel, turning it into our exclusive venue.

  • uto-kulm-view-of-zurich

    Easy Access to Zurich

    Hotel UTO KULM sits apart yet is well-connected to Zurich Airport and the city of Zurich.

  • uto-kulm-room1

    Comfortable Accommodations

    Enjoy the privacy of a Swiss-style modern single room (double rooms available for couples).

  • uto-kulm-nature-panorama

    Breathtaking Surroundings

    In-between workshop sessions, take a stroll, go for a jog, or simply enjoy the view.

Your Catalysts at The Zurich Project Workshop

John Mihaljevic

John is managing editor of The Manual of Ideas and managing director of ValueConferences. He launched BeyondProxy in 2008 as a way of bringing together the global value investing community around timeless insights and timely ideas. Previously, he founded private investment firm Mihaljevic Capital Management.

Shai Dardashti

Shai is a managing director of BeyondProxy and leads the firm’s community building and content activities in North America. He previously founded and managed Dardashti Capital Management, a private investment partnership that delivered market-beating performance during its decade-long existence.


As a registered participant, you will receive complimentary access to our online course on building a great investment firm.

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Avoid common mistakes.

The road you are on today is a road traveled by many aspiring superinvestors — some made it and some did not.

Learn from the mistakes of others — not to avoid every possible mistake, because everyone makes mistakes. By ensuring that your firm does not fail due to an avoidable mistake, you put yourself in a stronger position to succeed.

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    Advice for Aspiring Superinvestors

    Our friends at MIT Investment Management Company share their insights.

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    Learn more about MITIMCo

    Joel Cohen and Nate Chesley of MITIMCo look forward to returning to The Zurich Project
    Workshop in 2017 to share their insights and meet emerging managers.

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Zurich, Switzerland, June 6-8, 2017

The Zurich Project Workshop is a private event. Attendance is by invitation only.

Registration includes full workshop access, materials to be distributed at the event, meals, and a three-night stay at the main event venue, Hotel UTO KULM, overlooking Zurich. Your pass also includes complimentary enrollment in The Zurich Project online course. It does not include your travel arrangements to Zurich.

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